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Swiss Air System

Optrel presents the revolutionary Swiss Air respiratory protection system, featuring a ventilated half mask which covers the facial/nose area and supplies the user with clean and purified air, adding crucial protection against harsh chemicals. With or without the use of a chest control panel, this equipment achieves your own personal independence and freedom for whatever the user may have in mind for welding, grinding, automotive, and chemical applications and can be used with construction/industrial helmets.

As fully trained and certificated distributors for the Swiss Air system, we are qualified to give you expert advice and instruction on the Swiss Air system and other alternative Optrel systems. 

  • Flame retardant ventilated half mask. Positive pressure enhances breathing and reduces fatigue.
  • Infinitely adjustable headband, ranging for XS to XL sizes.
  • Y-hose function with adjustable neck strap and flexible hose leads the air directly to into the half mask.
  • Shoulder harness designed for perfect weight distribution of the filter system at only 550g.
  • TH3 certified particle-master filter. Lightweight, comfortable to carry, incredible efficient.
  • Blower unit with automatic air flow calibration. 14h battery for an uninterrupted working day.
  • Chest control panel includes filter contamination and battery charge status, air flow control and on/off switch, altitude and temperature compensation.