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Cold Wire Feeders

CK Cold Wire TIG Feeders Maximise Production

  • Increase productivity by up to 30%
  • Automates adding of filler metal in TIG welding
  • All weld parameters can be duplicated
  • Dual Groove Drive Roll system accepts multiple wire sizes
  • Uses standard wire spool sizes
  • Eliminates TIG rod stub loss
  • Cabinet keeps filler wire clean
  • Makes fully automatic machine TIG welding possible
  • Results are consistent high quality welds


CK Cold Wire Feeders

For complete installation of a Cold Wire TIG System, you need both the Cold Wire Feeder and a TIG torch (hand held or machine mounted) with cold wire TIG capabilities. The Cold Wire TIG System works independently of a standard TIG power supply using normal TIG welding parameters.

The WF5 feed unit is designed for use with the “CWH” series hand torches for semi-automatic welding applications, and “CWM” series machine mounted torches.

CK WF-5 Panel