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Rotastar Micro-Star Weld Positioner With 3" Chuck. 110v CE .125-12 RPM MICRO1

MICRO1  Rotastar Micro-Star Weld Positioner With 3" Chuck. 110v CE .125-12 RPM
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MICRO1  Rotastar Micro-Star Weld Positioner With 3

Micro-Star Welding Positioner

Ideal for positioning and rotating small parts for micro-welding

The Micro-Star, a mini-version of the Roto-Star, features a three-inch-diameter three-jaw self-centering chuck and an optional six-inch-diameter faceplate, making it the perfect tool for welding very small parts. The Micro-Star features smooth, slow rotation ranging from one revolution every eight minutes to a maximum of 12 RPM and it provides a holding capacity of 25 lbs. in the horizontal position and 50 lbs. in the vertical position. The state-of-the-art motor controller lets you vary spindle RPM and select forward or reverse rotation. The variable-speed foot controller allows operators to gain hands-free control of RPM speeds while welding.

The Micro-Star was designed and created by a high-tech welder with years of real-world shop experience. It’s very easy to use. For further flexibility, you can weld parts in the horizontal or vertical positions—or in 15-degree increments from 0 to 90 degrees. The Micro-Star is safely and securely grounded by a continuous brush contact on the back of the spindle. All drive gear and electrical controls are completely enclosed for operator protection.

The Micro-Star is ideal for both aluminum and stainless steel applications. The heavy-duty motor runs on direct current and delivers smooth and accurate spindle rotation. Make positive starts and stops without coasting or backlash. The Oilite spindle bushings enhance the unit’s durability by automatically lubricating the spindle with every revolution.

The 360-degree rotation of the Micro-Star enables continuous welds, eliminating unnecessary operator movement and repositioning of the material. If you’re welding irregular shaped materials, we offer an optional six-inch faceplate that easily attaches to the Micro-Star. The faceplate is machined from solid aluminum and provides a durable work surface that’s suitable for most welding applications. The faceplate features reference rings for quick part positioning and tapped holes for secure clamping. If you wish, you can order the Micro-Star with the faceplate permanently attached, without a three-jaw chuck.