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Fronius Battery Charging

Recommended by Famous Automobile Manufacturers: Fronius Battery Charging Systems for the Workshop and Showroom.

The large number of electronic components fitted on modern vehicles makes the most stringent demands on any workshop. For diagnoses and software updates in particular, the power consumption is so high that the battery voltage quickly cuts out. Should system crashes and costly damage to control units then occur, vehicle manufacturers - when considering any resulting warranty claims - usually ask for the vehicle‘s error log to check whether a suitable charger was used. Make life easy for yourself, just like the many vehicle manufacturers who have approved, recommended or even stipulated our battery charging systems. Rely on the intelligent, rapid and safe charging ability of the Fronius Acctiva series. In addition to workshop use, these dependable chargers are suitable for vehicle presentations and offer complete electronic safety with process reliability.

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Viewing all 19 products in this category