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Cepro Welding Shelters

It is heavily implied that when welding outdoors it is at the upmost important to be protected from all kinds of weather. The usage of outdoor welding shelters has proving from a variety of different companies that the introduction of a welding umbrella /tent has greatly improved an employers work ethic and has contributed towards a reduction in sick leave.


All CEPRO welding umbrellas are flame retardant and have water repellent canvases with a fabric size of 280gr/m².  Umbrellas come with a carrying bag included in the packaging and has a windbreaker at the top of side of the canvas.


All CEPRO welding tents have been universally approved to the M-1 standard and has a PVC fabric size of 570gr/m².  Tents have a protection skirt of 200mm all-round and its exits can be closed via a rope lock.