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Silicon D36 Stud Welding Machine D36

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D36  Silicon D36 Stud Welding Machine
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D36  Silicon D36 Stud Welding Machine
Silicon D36 Stud Welding Machine.

FULL STAINLESS STEEL machine. A double gun machine with stud welding capacity up to 36mm ( 1.42" ). This model is a true workhorse suitable for site applications whereby long cables are required to reach the welding place.

This machines comes in 230/400/460/575 Volts. Please specify which voltage you require when ordering.


Depth: 1.00M
Height: 0.80M
Width: 0.64M
Machine weight: 376kg
Operating temperature: -15/45 deg C
Storage temperature: -20/60 deg C
Welding method: Silicon SWS
Welding time range: 25-2000 msec
Pilot current output: 15 Amps
Main current range: 300-3000 Amps
Open circuit voltage: 58 Volts
Number of welding guns: 2
Micro Gun Weight: 1.45kg
Gun Weight type PN 70: 2.44kg
Gun Weight type PN120: 2.65kg
Stud diameter range: 3-36mm
Stud velocity range: 25-120mm/sec
Stud thrust at 50 mm/sec: 85Nf
Stud thrust at 120 mm/sec: 55Nf
Peak Volt-Amp consumption: 145 Kva
Mains current fuse rating (380 V): 125 Amps slow fuse
Welding rate at max. capacity: 5 per min.
Power consumption: 120 watts

The machine package comes C/W 2 x C120/10 extension cable, 2 x A120/5 Ground cable, D36 Manual, Tool kit and a 2 X PN120 stud welding gun.